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          Top Products
          Contact Us
          Manager Liu +86-15805338817
          Manager Xu +86-15805338879
          Tel: +86-533-7311166
          Fax: +86-533-7315166
          Add: West side of Jingliu Weisan Road, Qilu Chemical Park, Linzi, Zibo
          E-mail: sales@clchem.cn
          About Us

          We, Zibo Changlin Chemical Co., Ltd., was founded in 2007, located at Qilu Chemical Industrial Park, Zibo, China. We are a professional manufacturer of fine chemicals and focus on intermediate of pharmaceuticals, addictive of perfume, intermediate of agrochemicals, intermediate of  dyestuff and additive of Polymer.


          Our main products are Levulinic Acid (CAS No. 123-76-2) and Tri-isobutyl Phosphate (TIBP, CAS No. 126-71-6). The annual output of Levulinic Acid and Tri-isobutyl Phosphate is 5000mt each. During more then 10 years development, we have become the largest manufacturer on Levulinic Acid in China. With the most attention on products quality and a win-win view, we have established mutual benefit cooperation with the worldwide customers. Our products have been exported to Europe, America, Asia ect.


          Zibo Changlin Chemical Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes all of the customers to visit us. We expect to create brilliant future together with you!


          Copyright(C)2015 , Zibo Changlin Chemical Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.  Supported by  ChemNet  ChinaChemNet Toocle Copyright Notice
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