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          Top Products
          Contact Us
          Manager Liu +86-15805338817
          Manager Xu +86-15805338879
          Tel: +86-533-7311166
          Fax: +86-533-7315166
          Add: West side of Jingliu Weisan Road, Qilu Chemical Park, Linzi, Zibo
          E-mail: sales@clchem.cn

          Corporate values: Build a platform for staff. Create value for customers. Contribute to society.

          Enterprise mission: Manage with integrity. Develop on sustainability. Benefit humans. Repay society.

          Business philosophy: Quality is the foundation and road which ensure us to be stronger.

          Work philosophy: Enlarge the goal and reduce the problem. Be brave to surpass ourselves.

          Quality concept: Make quality and customer first. Create high-quality goods.

          Employing concept: Pay attention to staff’s strengths and use them reasonable.

          Implementation philosophy: Act according to the system and feedback as the results.

          Development philosophy: Create an excellent brand and build a century-old enterprise.

          Enterprise style: Simple and do well. Efficient and fast.

          Enterprise spirit: Unity. Improvement. Integrity. Innovation.

          Copyright(C)2015 , Zibo Changlin Chemical Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.  Supported by  ChemNet  ChinaChemNet Toocle Copyright Notice
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